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A few months ago, SciFinder switched to some new software/user database management system for their product, and this required Harvard users to setup a new individual account with them. So to register a new account as a Harvard user, you will need to initially set up this account while you are physically on the Harvard campus (Longwood or the Cambridge campus). After registering from within a Harvard network, you will be able to access SciFinder from MGH and elsewhere. [However, remember to use the special URL below as the starting point to login to your account. More detailed instructions are provide below.: 

To access SciFinder you will need to register (create a personalized username and password) from a computer with a Harvard IP address. You're best bet is to register from one of the Harvard libraries. Please use your Harvard-affiliated email (e.g.; Once you have registered and created your username and password you may then login from any computer with access to the internet using the Harvard SciFinder access link.

Make sure that when you are setting up your account you do it through this link (While connected to the Harvard network directly from the Harvard campus):

and then when you access SciFinder (after registration) you do it through this link:


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