Answered By: Scott Lapinski
Last Updated: Apr 20, 2018     Views: 786

Have you found an article of interest but the publisher is demanding payment for access? If you are currently Harvard faculty, staff or student, the Lean Library browser extension may be able to get you access for free.

Once installed, this tool can re-route your browser session into the Harvard Library network, providing access to any article for which Harvard has a subscription. Download instructions are here.

If the article is still behind a paywall after using Lean Library, there are three possible reasons:

  1. You are not active Harvard faculty, staff or student
  2. Harvard does not have access to the material, or
  3. Harvard only has access to the material via a third party content provider (and not directly from the publisher)

In the case of #3, one must find the the journal through the Hollis catalog. Clicking on "view online" will give the option(s) for viewing.

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