Where can I find examples of Data Management and Sharing Plans?

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NIH has provided sample DMS Plans as examples of how a DMS Plan could be completed in different contexts, conforming to the elements described in the Policy. These sample DMS Plans are provided for educational purposes to assist applicants with developing Plans but are not intended to be used as templates and their use does not guarantee approval by NIH.

Sample plans available for:

  • Clinical and/or MRI data from human research participants
  • Genomic data from human research participants
  • Genomic data from a non-human source
  • Secondary data analysis
  • Human genomic data
  • Technology development
  • Human clinical and genomics data
  • Gene expression analysis data from non-human model organisms (zebrafish)
  • Human survey data

Note that the sample DMS Plans provided reflect additional expectations established by NIH or specific NIH Institutes, Centers, or Offices that go beyond the DMS Policy. Applicants will need to ensure that their Plan reflects any additional, applicable expectations (including from NIH policies and any ICO- or program-specific expectations as stated in the FOA).

For Harvard Researchers:

Additionally, the sample language included for Element 6 (Oversight of Data Management and Sharing) is inappropriate and inconsistent with industry standards. Neither Harvard University nor any of our colleague institutions have “created a data management and sharing plan compliance system as part of their process for submitting the annual NIH progress report.”
The sample language provided for Element 6 (Oversight of Data Management and Sharing) in Sample Plans F, G, H, and I is much more consistent with expectations under the policy as well as from conversations with most/all ICs other than NIMH – responsibilities for oversight of data management and sharing are expected to live, for the most part, with the PI and research team, not institutional administrative officials.

See more on Data Management and Sharing Plans.

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