How will researchers be expected to comply with the DMS Policy in the event of a competitive renewal?

Answered By: Julie Goldman
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Researchers applying for a competitive renewal for research generating scientific data will be expected to submit a DMS Plan at the time of the renewal funding application. If the previously awarded funding application was subject to the DMS Policy and included a Plan, applicants should update the Plan to be consistent with the proposed competitive renewal application. 

When a competitive renewal is successful, it may be appropriate to extend the sharing of scientific data into the new competitive renewal period (for example, for longstanding research projects with an established data deposition schedule that has been approved by the funding ICO). At the time of the competitive renewal application, researchers should update the Plan to address scientific data that were not shared during the initial award and scientific data that are anticipated to be generated if the competitive renewal is awarded. Plans should include updated timelines for sharing scientific data should the renewal be successful. If the competitive renewal is not awarded, applicants will be expected to comply with the previously approved Plan from the initial award period.

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