Answered By: Scott Lapinski
Last Updated: Aug 11, 2016     Views: 114

The most streamlined way to access the journals and resources that Harvard subscribes to, is to begin our search from within Countway Library page.   Depending on your workflow, you could begin by following the PubMed link that is on the front of the Countway's webpage, and then you will be prompted to login with your Harvard ID and Password. By going into PubMed via that route, you will discover a purple "Find it @ Harvard" link in the upper right within most abstracts that you will see within your PubMed search results. Following the Harvard links will ensure that you will remain connected to the Harvard proxy service, which will then allow access into the online content that Harvard subscribes to.

Another useful tool is called LibX, which will allow your web browser to connect to a webpage via the Harvard network On-Request. More instruction on how to install and invoke the LibX utility can be found here:

While LibX is a very convenient tool, please keep in mind that some of our journal articles may be delivered to us via content providers other than the publisher's webpage. So for example... A Google search on a particular article may provide a link that directs you to a publisher's website tempting you to purchase the article.... Activating LibX in this scenario will tunnel through the Harvard network, and provide access to the article IF the library has subscribed to it at that location!  So in other words, if you do not gain access to something using LibX, then I would double check the Harvard Library Catalog ( ) to see if Harvard subscribes to the journal via some other content provider )

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